Powerful Point of Sale

(POS) Software

With AccuPOS, you get an unparalleled set of features designed to make things easier – before, during, and after the sale.

Automatic Accounting

Our POS software is famed for its accounting integration, so you can put down the pen and paper and leave manual bookkeeping where it belongs – in the past. We know that for most business owners, there aren't enough hours in the week. In fact, most companies spend at least an hour per day on accounting. When you buy your point of sale software from us, you'll have a lot more time on your hands, and a lot less stress. At the push of a button, your system will send sales data straight to your accounts software, which means less chance of mistakes, less time wasted, and more hours to spend on the things that make your business tick. Ours is the only product ever to be endorsed by Sage, and the QuickBooks User marketplace has ranked us #1 for 7 years in a row. We must be doing something right.

Stress-Free Timesheets

Remember those days you spent chasing up staff for time sheets? Well, our customers don't. With our AccuSHIFT system, neither will you. Your staff will be able to clock-in and out on the same screen they use for selling, and guess what? The data gets sent right over to your accounting software too.

Seamless Stock Management

With our AccuCOUNT system, you'll roll the dozen tasks that make up stock control into one. Take deliveries wirelessly, make count changes to inventory, and handle pricing, all from one handheld device loaded with our POS software. We're proud of our software, and we're especially proud of how well it integrates with every part of your business. You'll save time, money, and effort, and that's always good, right? Keeping track of sales is essential to any thriving business, and our product delivers different ways to analyze and cross-examine data at any moment in time – from one shift to monthly, yearly or multi-year trends. At the click of a button, you’ll be able to see which products are cash cows, and which staff members are bringing in business, helping you make decisions going forward.

Think Beyond The Counter

Transactions aren’t limited to behind the counter anymore. Gone are the days of bringing the store to the checkout. Evidence? Nearly 50% of companies say their next Point of Sale software move will be adding mobile flexibility. Customers want to buy wherever they are, whenever they want, and it's far easier to train someone to use a phone or tablet Point of Sale when they're already experts on phones and tablets. With our Android POS software, you can bring the checkout to the store, wherever it may be. Think all the reliability, functionality, and accounting integration of our regular software, only with the wires cut. Think processing transactions from wherever you are, be it a trade show, a park, or the shop floor. That’s the power of Android Point of Sale technology.

Train Staff in Minutes, Not Weeks

Our software is designed with ultimate simplicity in mind, meaning transactions are always made with minimal keystrokes and maximum speed. Even better, it can receive from all sorts of hardware, ranging from handheld devices to remote printers. That means your POS system can be tailored to fit the needs of your establishment, as well as your customers. You’ll be able to handle orders from anywhere, easing congestion, and you’ll find new employees learn how to use the system in minutes, not weeks. Watch sales become a non-issue, with staff able to open, run transactions, then close in a few seconds.

Full Flexibility

Take more payments in more ways with our point of sale software. We've designed our system to be able to process diverse methods of payment, including EBT/Food Stamps, gift cards, and loyalty programs. While your competitors turn people away due to a primitive sales system, you'll be able to welcome everyone with open arms, knowing your best customers and rewarding them accordingly. More sales, more repeat customers, zero extra effort. Our system isn't just flexible with payments – It's flexible with hardware too. We've built combinations of software and hardware that work with every type of business, meaning you won't have to change your sales strategy to fit your Point of Sale. Rather, it'll change to fit your sales strategy. What's more, you won't be chained to your store when you buy from AccuPOS. You'll be able to access your information from anywhere, from sales figures and schedules to promotions and inventory. That means you'll know your best sellers at all times, and can make decisions from wherever you feel most productive and creative. All you'll need is a login and password.

Here Whenever You Need Us

At AccuPOS, we know your business doesn't stop when the doors close for the night. That's why we're ready and waiting to answer any query, whenever it might come up. At any time of day or night, we're right here to help in any way we can. If you've got tech trouble minutes before a big sale, or you forgot how to change a price right before happy hour, we've got you covered, and we'll be with you until you're right as rain. We know shopping for POS software can be stressful, so we certainly don't want to make you do it all over again in the future. We want to be your POS partner for life, from the first week in your new premises to your tenth year of business. That's why we put so much time and effort into getting you the software setup that's tailored to fit your company. We can start as small as you need, and add new features as and when you want them. That's how you build a happy relationship with customers. Whatever type of business you’re in, be it a bar, restaurant, or retail store, we’d love to show you exactly how we can help make your sales easier than you’d think possible.


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